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I qualified with the European School of Bowen Studies in 2003 and included my attainment of Anatomy and Physiology examination.

I am continually amazed at the effectiveness of this simple and gentle hands-on therapy.

At our initial meeting I will take notes of your history and condition. The Bowen Technique treats the whole person, not just the condition and your response after the treatment will be assessed to discuss if a further session is required. Two or three treatments will often be enough to help many problems. Many people decide to include Bowen in their lifestyle to help maintain optimum health.

The treatment usually involves lying on a bed or couch and can be done through light clothing or on skin. However, if appropriate the treatment can be done standing or sitting in a chair. I use my thumbs and fingers to make a series of precise, rolling-type moves over soft tissue, which help to release deep tensions and imbalances in the connective tissues. Connective tissue is integral to our whole body, even bone and blood, and the Bowen Technique is giving feedback to the body through the connective tissue which intersects with several self regulating systems. This technique is facilitating the body to heal itself. It is common for patients to find the treatment very relaxing.

Bowen technique is optimized when the patient is well hydrated and that means drinking the recommended 1-2 litres a day depending on your weight and occupation.

The treatment can help chronic (long term) and acute (short term) conditions. Many people have been helped with musculo-skeletal problems of neck, back, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles etc. The treatment also helps people suffering with migraines, IBS, hormonal problems and menopausal symptoms. The treatment also helps mental anxiety and emotional stress, which cause a lowered immune system, and many related illnesses. The treatment has been used very effectively to help many children suffering autistic behaviour and also to help people who have had strokes.

There are many case studies and more information at and testimonials on this web site for your information.


Amanda Cutler-Little, Bowen therapist in West Sussex. Bowen Technique, Bowen Therapy and Bowen describe the light touch therapy devised by Tom Bowen in Australia. Bowen Therapy is holistic, treating the whole patient, not just symptoms and has been reported to be effective for conditions such as low back pain, sciatica, headache, migraine, asthma, shoulder pain, neck problems, tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, RSI and other musculo-skeletal conditions. Bowen Therapy can often have a relaxing effect which may help people suffering from tension or stress syndromes.

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