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Success Stories from my clients


Aromatherapy for general tension and rebalancing

"I have known Amanda since 1999, and have always found treatments by her to be excellent. I have also recommended her to many friends. I recently had a treatment, quite a time since the last, and she is now even better - stunningly good! Because she has trained in so many approaches (remedial massage, aromatherapy, Reiki, Bowen, Crystal therapy and currently training in Kinesiology), she was instantly able to tune in to my body and judge what approaches to use. Her hands and fingers intuitively found precisely the right type of touch and movement in the right places to dissolve the tension in my muscles, especially in my neck and shoulders, and re-balance the energy flow throughout my body. Every movement hit the right spot in the right way throughout the treatment. It was a good reminder of how useful it is to consult her, and an incentive to do it more often!" Niki Holland

Bowen and Aromatherapy over many years

"I have been seeing Amanda for Aromatherapy and Bowen treatment for many years and am constantly amazed by the outcome. I have had two hip replacement operations on the same leg and this has caused many problems, which Amanda has helped me, address. Lately she tried some therapy on the scar tissue around my operations. It has been very successful and the discomfort I was feeling has cleared up. This is only one of the ways she has improved the comfort of my aging body. I would recommend anyone to have therapy with her, as she is so caring, sensitive and sympathetic to everyone’s needs." Mena

Bowen Therapy for Back Pain and Shoulder Pain

Presenting with constant pain averaging 7/10 mainly at night. Vivien’s first visit to me 28 September 2018. "After 15 plus years of living with a painful lower back and locked left shoulder (and having sought treatment from physiotherapists and osteopaths) I am, thanks to Amanda, pain free. My back has straightened considerably and my shoulders are no longer worn as earrings. I cannot believe the transformation in movement and freedom that Bowen therapy has given me." Vivien 13.10.2018

Bowen Therapy for General Wellbeing

Wow, what a gift! Amanda is extraordinary; I've experienced both Aromatherapy and Bowen, and with both she's VERY intuitive, will never follow a set routine, and cares about you as an individual. She reads you, professionally takes notes, and then works to a profound physical and spiritual level. I leave feeling rejuvenated, pain free, and very relaxed. Clever, wise and brilliant - thank you Amanda xx
Pip Jackson, yoga teacher

Bowen Therapy for constipation

This 70 year old lady came to me with constipation and diarrhoea suffered for 2 years, pain in left shoulder and right wrist pain suffered on and off for 15 years but more so in last 3 years and blocked nasal passages for several years. These conditions were affecting quality of sleep and worrying her. All medical tests for digestion/bowels clear. Doctor recommended limited mobility of left arm would help. Occasionally wearing right wrist support as and when necessary at night. She received 6 treatments over 3 months. Her bowels are now working normally with two normal motions a day. Her left shoulder is 85% improved in respect of discomfort and mobility. Right wrist 80% improvement. There has been as improvement in general well-being and better energy and she has noticed an improvement to her overall posture which has really helped her stiff back. Her blocked nasal passages are on-going and she has recently consulted a nutritionist to see if she is has an allergy to something and see if a change of diet can help. She would recommend Bowen for all of the above reasons.

Bowen Therapy for Sciatica

Presenting Condition: Lower Back Pain and sciatica following spinal surgery. Walking, standing and sitting were all difficult after about 20 minutes. Also unable to bend over and do usual exercising to keep fit. I was recommended to Amanda by an acquaintance. I received about 6 treatments over a period of 10 weeks. Since having Bowen treatment with Amanda I have had almost full recovery. I feel I have benefitted from Bowen in conjunction with being able to resume a physical exercise regime. Having had surgery I had to avoid heavy manipulation and Bowen was an excellent option. I would recommend Bowen.
Richard D. 28 May 2015

"Dear Amanda, I am so pleased to confirm that since receiving the Bowen treatment a year ago it has changed my life. I had suffered with Sciatica for 2 years and had tried numerous osteopathic treatments that offered no relief. I was very sad at the prospect of having to retire from ballet. I can now relax and enjoy my dancing and gardening again and I am still pain free. I would recommend any 'back sufferer' to try the Bowen Technique."
Jenny Daniels

Bowen Therapy helps a Shoulder injury

The pain and restriction in my shoulder made lifting, pulling and sleeping all difficult. I received 3 Bowen treatments and after each treatment my shoulder improved so that now I can use my shoulder normally again. Bowen is like having a "reset" button pushed. I am amazed at how quickly I can return to doing jobs I struggled with when injured. I regularly recommend Bowen.
Andy P. 19 May 2015

Bowen Therapy for low back pain

When I visited Amanda for my first treatment I had painful lower back and stiffness. Sore and restricted movement when bending to the side and had this for about a year. It prevented me doing some of the exercises in my exercise classes and being able to easily get out of bed. I received 6 Bowen sessions and after 3 sessions I had no pain or discomfort and am restored and have no restriction now. A friend in New Zealand suggested I try Bowen for my sore back. It has been amazing and I feel so much better and now able to get out of bed pain free. It is very different to other treatments. I had tried Sports Massage which is deep tissue massage but Bowen got the results. I must say I was sceptical before I started Bowen but now delighted with the results. I would definitely recommend Bowen.
Wendy C.   (11/4/2015)

Bowen Therapy for Shoulder pain

I visited Amanda via a recommendation because I was suffering with shoulder pain and restriction. The symptoms prevented me from doing most of my daily chores as I was unable to move my arm. Since receiving the Bowen I have been helped enormously. The pain is nearly gone and I would only say Try this treatment as you will be pleasantly surprised. It does work and that is the only fact that matters to me. When I went to see Amanda I was sceptical but ready to try anything to ease the shoulder pain. I don’t know why or how, but it is working and I would recommend this treatment.
S. Leslie. Feb 2015

Bowen Therapy for asthma sufferer

Reason for Bowen: tightness of chest and mild asthma. Also prescribed steroids which I am reluctant to use.
Since receiving Bowen from Amanda I am able to breathe more deeply and easily. I find the therapy extremely relaxing and have been quite amazed by the effectiveness of it (which is still a mystery to me!) I am sleeping better and have reduced the use of my “preventer” from averagely 3 times a week to sporadically when asthma is aggravated. I have increased energy and have a greater sense of wellbeing.
Christine E

Bowen Technique for foot problems

When I first heard of the Bowen Technique I was a bit cynical about it and thought of it as another "gimmick". Our friends in Australia had told us of all the positive qualities about Bowen and recommended us to try it.

18 months ago I broke my ankle very badly (3 breaks and extensive metalwork inserted) this resulted in me not being able to weight bear for nearly 3 months. I had to rely on the good leg and hopped everywhere putting a strain on the "good" leg. Over the weeks I felt pretty awful muscularly and everywhere, my foot was still very painful so I decided to ring Amanda.

Upon checking my injury etc. Amanda immediately recognised my knees being out of alignment and my body generally being out of sorts. After my first treatment (which was amazing) it was as if my body had been re-charged. My injured foot felt like I had a sparkler inside – popping away – no pain – just a brilliant feeling. Next day I felt shattered but apparently this can be normal – then gradually I gained more strength in myself and I could see the leg was not distorted. How can this happen we wonder? Well it did. I had a couple more sessions with Amanda and thankfully she helped my on my road to recovery.
Brenda Airey

Bowen Therapy for hip problems

My husband has recently had a replacement hip and before he went into hospital he had a session with Amanda to prepare his body for the operation. The day he went into hospital he felt he could play a round of golf! Paul had a further treatment from Amanda following his operation and after eight weeks (with exercise as well) he walks as if he never had an operation.

I can only say positive things about Bowen and wish more people would recognise this amazing gift.
Brenda Airey

Bowen Technique for shoulder problems

"I had various severe pains from base of skull across right shoulder and down arm. I was prevented from sleeping well and unable to relax as pain increased with being still and also when driving. Since receiving Bowen from Amanda I am without pain. Before Bowen I was in agony and painkillers were not working, even the stronger prescription variety. I could not face massage because of the pain. I could not believe that such delicate touch could bring so much relief. After the first session I could relax – drive and sleep and not even consider painkillers. I would definitely recommend this treatment. "
PSF 11.6.11.

Equine Bowen Therapy

"Our vet recommended that we arrange for our horse X to receive some body work – and suggested either physio or Bowen to help him recover from muscle imbalance. He had been off work for over 9 months due to lameness in his right fore. We had rested him for long periods of time and tried to bring him back into work, but he was not sound. After a steroidal injection he was reasonably sound without a rider, but markedly less sound when ridden, particularly on the right rein. Our farrier was personally able to recommend Amanda having had good results from her Bowen treatments for his own workplace problems. ‘X’ was quite agitated at beginning of the Bowen treatment and Amanda explained that he was releasing from tension created from his injury and lameness. After each treatment ‘X’ showed an improvement in his balance and was showing less objection to moving on the right rein. We were still just loose lungeing him giving him time to release compensations and tensions and allowing time to realign and balance before we attempted to ask him to take a rider. After the fifth treatment he was able to take more demanding work in hand and after the sixth treatment he was using his body well and able to take a rider. He has continued to improve and we are delighted with his progress. I would thoroughly recommend Amanda for this type of work – it has made a huge difference to the horse’s well being."

"My visits to Amanda started as a gift from a friend X years ago and I have been going regularly ever since! The massages are fantastic as Amanda is very perceptive and finds trouble 'spots' which I didn't even know I had, as well as helping to heal known areas! It is a wonderful therapeutic experience and I'm eternally grateful for the gift all those years ago."

I asked Amanda to see Lottie because in her schooling I was finding it difficult to get right lead canter.  At the first Bowen treatment Amanda noted that her right side was more contracted and she was tight through her right shoulder on a circle.  She also noted a tilt in her pelvis. 
A week later and after the first treatment I was getting good clear right lead canters and in my lesson my teacher commented that I was in better balance on Lottie and that previously I rotated my torso and that this was now in good correct alignment.
Lottie had 3 treatments and she definitely became more relaxed and content after the treatments and continued to be equally balanced in her school work.

Razzle Roisin, (Rosie) 14,2 Traditional Cob mare, 9 yrs old.
In October 2006, Rosie sustained a muscular injury to her offside hindquarters, I think from being kicked in the field whilst turned out.  Despite a course of physiotherapy, by the following spring she was still not 'right'.  I was also having some behavioural problems with Rosie, particularly rearing and napping whilst out hacking, which I felt were more of an emotional issue rather than disobedience.  (Her teeth, back and tack were thoroughly checked, to no avail.)
Rosie had a course of three Bowen treatments.  After Amanda's first visit, Rosie seemed more 'chilled' than before.  She changed her pattern of droppings in the stable, becoming much cleaner, and I was able to hack home on a loose rein, something we had not done for ages.  She was more confident and coped much better with stress, particularly at shows.
After Amanda's final treatment, her injury site had greatly improved, and now it is no longer visible.  Additionally, she developed fantastic condition and tone, and a 'oneness' with herself, which even my farrier noticed!
A few weeks later at Easter 2007, Rosie won Reserve Supreme Champion at the BSPA Winter Championships, and received many compliments on how well she looked.
Sally Ede (Owner) Rudgwick, West Sussex.

Aromotherapy massage

Amanda will always tailor the essential oils she uses to suit whatever problem, mood or condition I am experiencing at the time. She has a wonderful massage technique allowing total relaxation to take over. She easily locates and tackles areas where there is tension in the body (even if you weren't aware of it!) Amanda is an excellent listener and is very easy to chat to, and I've found her massage sessions to be a great way to de-stress and escape for a while.
Bowen - Amanda has helped to alleviate problems with my lower back through a series of Bowen treatments, and this has in turn strengthened my back and helped to avoid further pain and instability in that area.
Natural facials - when I feel like a real treat I'll ask Amanda for one of her all-round facial treatments where she uses organic, additive-free ingredients to create a natural face mask, as well as cleansing and moisturising the skin.
Julie Hodkinson

"I have been coming to Amanda for 5 years.
In that time she has been able to work with me holistically to discover my body, put it in order and explore why muscles may be tense or misaligned. When problems occur she is able to help diagnose why and put things right."

"Amanda is a fantastic masseur. She really finds the "spots" and works on them. I sit at a computer 4 days a week and so visit her regularly so she can loosen me up and make corrections to my body.  She is also a very interesting lady to talk to especially on health matters and has made useful recommendations to me in terms of who it would be good to go and see.
I have recently started having Bowen from Amanda and it has been amazing- my back has been transformed. I had a massage a few weeks following a Bowen session (both with Amanda) and my back felt so pliable and I had no "crosses" on any part of my body which I normally do when Amanda draws a quick picture of my body and what she has found from the massage! She is brilliant and I recommend her to anyone who has anything wrong structurally"

"I have been having regular aromatherapy massages and occasionally other treatments from Amanda for almost twelve years.  The aromatherapy massages are wonderful and I leave her clinic feeling both relaxed and invigorated.  I feel she has 'healing hands' which seem to zone in on the cause of any aches and pains I might have.  I have no hesitation in recommending Amanda."
Many Forristal

Crystal Healing

Testimonial of Anne MacIntyre  30.9.09
Knowing how powerful the healing energy of crystals can be, I decided on a crystal healing treatment with Amanda.
Amanda, working sensitively and intuitively, created and maintained a safe and energetically healing space.  She was drawn to focus on my eyes and even though, being partially sighted, this is a vulnerable area for me, I felt so completely at ease that I had no qualms in trusting her intuition.
After the treatment, as well as enjoying a lightness and fluidity of energy, I noticed a subtle yet unmistakable difference in my vision.  There was a clarity and brightness that took me by surprise.  Objects appeared to stand out more clearly, and my eyes felt very comfortable and refreshed.  It felt as if a subtle shift in my energy had taken place.  I shall certainly be going back for more.
Anne MacIntyre.

Crystal treatment from Amanda:
My first response to crystal therapy was one of scepticism.  How could stones help me in my recovery from cancer treatment?  But what surprised me was how after one session with Amanda I experienced a deep sense of well being.  Holding the crystals in your hand for a time gives one a sense of being 'grounded' in life's landscape and Amanda's skill in choosing the appropriate crystals for me has, when required, either boosted energy or brought calm.  The field of crystal knowledge is huge and steeped in both mysticism and pure science but I know that in the hands of the right practitioner these beautiful stones work for me.
Louise Harris

Crystal therapy
I have found Amanda's crystal therapy of immense help to bring me through a period of emotional challenge & difficulty, enabling me to be calmer and more balanced so that life and its trials are put into perspective.  I now alternate a massage and crystal treatment to maintain this equilibrium.
Thank you Amanda.
Keith Allen

For me a crystal treatment is deeply relaxing – leaving me calm, happy and more focussed.

Amanda Cutler-Little, Bowen therapist in West Sussex. Bowen Technique, Bowen Therapy and Bowen describe the light touch therapy devised by Tom Bowen in Australia. Bowen Therapy is holistic, treating the whole patient, not just symptoms and has been reported to be effective for conditions such as low back pain, sciatica, headache, migraine, asthma, shoulder pain, neck problems, tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, RSI and other musculo-skeletal conditions. Bowen Therapy can often have a relaxing effect which may help people suffering from tension or stress syndromes.

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